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He never thought anything like this possible with Ruby. He saw fun in her. A girl he could party with. Drugs. Sex. It was a win win everyone won. But, the last thing he expected was the feelings he developed over time. A relationship. A month ago Cory would have called the idea of a relationship ridiculous. But, he just couldn’t overcome his feelings for her. And, his shag became more than just a shag. Much more. He fell hard. It might have been a stupid mood on his part. But, only time would tell. She was the best thing in his life right now. A scary thought. But, true.

"Fockin’ blissfully." Was Cory’s response. He had been dreaming about his brother a lot lately. And, that is where his hatred of love started. His brother was in love. He got a girl pregnant before he died. That girl he loved so fucking much got rid of the baby. How could love be so cruel? So vicious? It was a sick world. But, Cory seemed to be infected. He wondered what his brother would think now.

"I really fockin’ love you." 

Ruby smiled as she pressed the rest of her body on the side of his, wrapping her arm around his waist. She held him as she heard him speak. Ruby knew she loved Cory but it was hard for her to say it. He was also still a bit of a mystery to her. She wanted to know more about him. But how. She couldn’t manipulate him. She couldn’t just ask him. Ruby decided to just wait for him to tell her. It killed her but it was what she needed to do. She pressed her lips on his chest a couple of times before opening her eyes and looking up at him. 

Ruby gave him a small smile, her eyes met his. No more lying to herself she loved him. “I fockin’ love you, as well.” She said, mocking his accent. She continued to look up at him as she waited for his response. Her smile still there. 

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